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Most people don’t know it, but ‘accolo’ means neighbor in Latin. We want to be really good neighbors too – You know, the kind of neighbor you can talk with for hours over a couple of cold ones. Well, this is our neighborhood and we’ve got lots of great stuff to talk about. So we’ve got the grill fired up, drinks are in the cooler, and we’re just waiting for you to get this party started. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Guide to writing behavioral based interview questions

Guide To Writing Behavioral-Based Interview Questions

The Complete Guide to Writing Great Behavioral Based Interview Questions For Your Next Open Position For those of us in “the Biz,” behavioral based questions are affectionately known as the BBQ. Unlike a conventional BBQ, the Accolo BBQ has nothing ...
Building Your Brand Through The Hiring Process

Building Your Brand Through the Hiring Process

Whether or not a candidate gets a position with your company, you want to ensure that their exposure to your brand during the hiring process is engaging and respectful. For candidates that you hire, this may be their first ...
Employee referral campaign guide

The Accolo Employee Referral Campaign Guide

We\'ve created this complimentary guide to help you design and execute employee referral campaigns for your company, leveraging the reach of social networks. From this guide you get: A design strategy for your next great employee referral campaign Examples of ...
recruiting metrics 101

Recruiting Metrics 101 – Performance Goals

How do you measure your recruiting performance? The simple answer is, if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. HR sometimes gets a bad rap for being too nebulous, too touchy-feely and too soft. There is a percecption that ...

Succession Planning Templates

Unexpected turnover is one of the most disruptive and costly parts of conducting business. This is especially true in today’s hiring landscape. On average you can expect to retain employees for 1-2 years, depending on the role and industry. ...

10 Best Recruiting and Hiring Practices

There is a hiring war going on at the current moment, and time and money cannot be wasted. We are looking at some best practices to save both. Learn how to improve your team and brand image via these ...
case study

Webroot Revolutionizes Hiring Process

Partnering with Accolo’s All-In-One Hiring Team to Manage Dynamic Hiring Needs, Tackle Candidate Tracking Challenges, and Develop Recruiting Metrics Transformed Their Business The Business Challenge Known as the market leader in next-generation endpoint security, network security, and threat intelligence driven by ...

Employee Campaign Referral Guide: Learn how to increase your employee referrals with these real world strategies and examples