Prospects Still Uncertain for College Grads


For those of you with kids about to graduate college, or you recent graduates who have metamorphosed into job seekers, you’ll be interested to know that job prospects in 2013 are looking to be as scarce as last year.

Unfortunately for people who thought learning to express complex ideas with words and drawings was going to be a viable career path, it seems like the market is still favoring those versed in numbers and diagrams. According to a Addeco survey conducted by Braun Research Inc., 58% of hiring managers are not planning on hiring any college graduates for entry level positions. Still more hiring managers, 66%, believed that fresh college graduates were unprepared for the workforce.

This is not to say that all grads will have a tough time finding work. A CareerBuilder survey reports that graduates with Business or STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) are much more likely to find a job, with business majors in demand for 31 percent of employers. To read the Addeco survey and find out what college grads can do to improve their chances of scoring an interview, click the link below.

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