Recruiters Spend 6 Seconds on Each Resume


We all know that getting a job is tough, but simply knowing that the process will be “tough” does not quite prepare job seekers for the hurdles of the modern job hunt. First of all, there is the sheer volume of applicants that flood job postings from the first few minutes after the position is posted, that continue even after the job has been filled.

According to BeHiring, almost every corporate job opening in the country receives an average of 250 resumes. This means that more than ever before, job seekers need to make sure that their resumes are completely free of errors, and are concise and customized to the specific position to which they are applying. Indeed, new evidence from TheLadders suggests that corporate recruiters only spend an average of six seconds evaluating each resume that makes it though key word filtering. Job seekers, you have six seconds to impress a stranger.

You must keep your resume as sharp as a knife’s edge because if the recruiter cannot find the information that he wants within a few seconds, then your chance at the job just fell to the bottom of the pile. To read an excellent article giving a numerical explanation of the current hiring trends, click the link below.

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