“Reshoring” of Manufactuing Jobs: Good Signs for the US


In these uncertain economic times, business owners (small and massive) are doing everything that they can to minimize costs and streamline their business model. Nothing new?

Think again!

Where just a few years ago streamlining operations meant outsourcing overseas, increasingly more US based companies are turning to domestic manufacturers to avoid the logistical hassle of international business. The emerging trend has been referred to as “reshoring” by economists and is a good sign that there will be an increase in manufacturing positions in the US.

Those employers who are choosing to reshore say that it is primarily because of the overall hassle as well as large unforeseen costs associated with their contracts with Chinese and Indian manufacturers. Besides the increase in wages for Chinese factory workers, complications such as ransom-like “fees” to continue production or consistently sub-par specialty parts make the once golden goose of cutting costs just another squawking fowl in wide wide world market. To read the full Boston Tribune article, click the big button below.

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