Accolo’ Spicy video receives over 15M viewers: The Story of ‘Rethink Recruiting’


The Story of ‘Rethink Recruiting’

By John Younger, CEO of Accolo

While flying home from Chicago, Jack Phillips and I were reading the front page story in USA Today about the controversial Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. advertisement. It struck me that she has probably never eaten a hamburger and certainly has never washed a car. Washing the car while wearing stiletto heals was the final piece that launched us into action. This could easily be tied to hiring the right person. With this in mind, we proceeded to create a 30 second spoof video entitled Rethink Recruiting, emphasizing how hiring the right person makes all the difference.

We placed the video spoof on its own web page on Friday, June 10th with no links to it from anywhere on the Accolo site. We were concerned about offending companies and job seekers who come to accolo.com and may not have seen the Paris Hilton version.
We notified a few people and had a total of 30 downloads that night. By Tuesday morning at 9:51am, four days later, the traffic to the page exceeded our ISP’s bandwidth. We had over 80,000 downloads that day alone, and had to move the clip to two subsequent ISP’s to handle the traffic.

Our parody has been seen by over 15 Million (yes million!) people. It has been the #1 most visited link on the Accolo.com site since June 2005 when it was released. It gained so much momentum that it was added to the web page that contains the original Paris Hilton commercial.

Accolo and this spoof have been featured on a segment of Good Morning America, A Current Affair, Entertainment Tonight, Tarrant on TV in the UK, Fuji TV in Japan and the Today Show in Australia. In addition to television coverage, the spoof has been covered on upwards of 1,000 weblogs as well as The New York Times, The New York Post, Star Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle among others. By any measure, this represents one of the most effective online marketing campaigns produced in the recruiting world.


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