Robotics Industry as a Future Job Creator


For this week’s Fun Friday featured article on the Accolo blog, we have some New York Times coverage on a widely discussed topic in the employment world: automation. A typical argument against the expansion of robotics in the United States always involves the claim that more robots in the workforce (how weird does that sound?) would adversely affect people with manufacturing or even white collar jobs, and that technological advancement will make certain positions obsolete.

According to Dr. Christense of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the robotics industry will actually be beneficial to both job seekers and industries the world over. The Times article talks to several small American Manufacturers who stand by their decisions to ramp up their use of robots, saying that it has allowed their companies to expand and compete with other companies internationally. Whether or not the robotics industry will create millions of new jobs worldwide over the next decade remains to be seen, but the testimony of these American robotics engineers and the manufacturers that use these machines certainly is heartening. To read the full article on how robotics will potentially be a job creator, click the link below.

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