Seeing the Errors in Your Job Postings


When writing job postings, there is a lot of pressure to describe the job in a way that “sells” candidates on the position. Unfortunately, this usually entails a lot of general, wishy-washy nonsense about the fun aspects of the company culture or even things as irrelevant to the day-to-day experience of the job as the annual employee kayaking retreat.

Today’s job seeker has to work very hard, and if your description doesn’t engage them, then you will not attract top talent. When Manny Medina of ERE.net conducted a survey of software developers about what could potentially poach them from their current position, the most attractive job aspect for these professionals was “interesting work”.

Clearly, this points to more specifics, rather than less. You cannot skip the day-to-day when advertising a position. People care about the primary tasks that they’ll be required to complete much more than about abstract benefits and vague promises of fulfillment. To read Manny’s full breakdown of how to write an engaging job description, check out the link below.

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