Social Media: Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy


Social media is a powerful marketing tool. No other marketing platform has the capability to market directly to customers in the way that you can with social and no other platform has the same potential for a campaign going viral. This capability for far reaching campaigns is a double edged sword, however.

When mismanaged, an unintelligent or inappropriate post can spread like wild fire, forcing the company to go into full on damage control.

Besides PR disasters, there are some more subtle ways that social marketing can hurt your business. One of the biggest pitfalls for an online presence is if it does not engage users. According to an article from Entrepreneur, your company’s social sites must consistently deliver “entertainment, information and share-worthy content” in order to entice users to interact with your online presence. The article also strongly discouraged the entrusting of your company’s online credibility to an inexperienced intern. Though these sites are free to use, they are some of the most important marketing tools at your disposal, too important for a single new-b who’s skills include “Facebook” and “living my life”. To read “5 Ways Social Media can Destroy Your Business.”

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