Spotting Potential in Recent Graduates


It’s usually a good thing to be cautious when dealing with unknown quantities, especially when these unknowns have to do with the people that you’re hiring. When deciding whether or not to hire a recent college grad, you need to be able to spot whether their positive attributes outweigh these potentially deal breaking unknowns. Are they secretly lazy? Selfish? Prone to dropping everything to go to music festivals every month?

We all are aware of some of the supposed stereotypes of Generation Y’s self entitled nature, but don’t let these stereotypes cloud your judgement. If  you believe that the recent grad shows a great deal of enthusiasm for your company and the position that they’re applying for, trust your hiring instincts.

For some help on what to look for in recent grads, here’s “Top 7 Qualities to Look for in Young Employees” from Monster. What I thought was one of the most important indicators of great employee from this list was #1 Willingness to Teach Themselves. With so many free technological tutorials and educational resources available on the internet, finding a candidate that has taught themselves a program or skill set means you have found a highly self motivated person who is fully in touch with the information age.

Another good indicator from the list is one that is important no matter what the age of the person that your’re interviewing: and that’s how they’ve prepared for the interview. If the candidate is both well informed on your company and the position they’re applying for, this is one of the best signs that you’ve found yourself a keeper. However, if they show up to the interview with only a vague idea about what your company does, they may not be that interested in the position and could be a bad person to invest in. That goes for everyone, young and old alike.


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