Spring Cleaning for Your Hiring Function


Back in Medieval times, winter was a big deal. There were no space heaters, hand warmers, peppermint mochas, snuggies or streaming movies to help people through the cold months. If you didn’t have enough fuel to burn, you froze, simple as that. A solution that a lot of people used was to move a lot of their animals out of the barn and into their homes during the most bitterly cold months for the extra body heat that they provided. As you can imagine, this created quite the mess to clean up come the springtime thaw.

That’s where the term “Spring Cleaning” comes from, that time of year when you take the chance to freshen things up and clear out all of the waste (hopefully not literal waste, like back in the day) out of your life.

This week on the Accolo Blog, we’re going to be springing into some innovative hiring ideas that might inspire you to freshen up your hiring process.

First, what sort of content does your company have on your careers page? Has anyone even updated it in recent memory? To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your company’s careers page, you might want to try putting something up there to engage job seekers and get them interested in your company.

One of the things that people really respond to nowadays is video content. Whether it’s as simple as your CEO speaking at an industry conference or a short video featuring some of the behind the scenes work on your product, a little camera work can go a long way to peak job seekers’ interest.

Just take the example from this Forbes article, where a company had their employees create 10 second clips featuring their wackiest talents to get people interested in their company. They even went so far as to buy ad space at a local movie theater to show case the secret silliness of their employees with a quick “Apply Now” message at the end. This sort of outside-the-box thinking got a lot of people interested in applying that never would have otherwise.

So don’t be afraid to try something new with your recruiting. Differentiate yourself from the competition by showing a little heart and soul instead of the usual, hum-drum job marketing junk.


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