Spring Into Longer Employee Retention


Even if you have the fastest candidate sourcing in the world, you still want to keep the people that you hire. Besides the cost of marketing your job,  the time you spent qualifying and interviewing the candidates, new hires have to be trained on the particularities of your business and often don’t start delivering their full potential until a few months in.

That being the case, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to open up a job that you just filled last quarter and starting the whole dang thing over again. The good news is that increasing employee retention isn’t that hard, in theory at least. By making a few adjustments to your management style you can do a lot to foster a bond between your company and your new employees.

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to make sure of is that you’re listening to your employees. I don’t mean nodding your head along to their complaints and concerns, I mean actually processing that information in your noodle and responding in a way that shows your engagement.

While I’m sure that you’re all totally capable of this, there’s a simple technique that will help you get your empathetic side across as a manager. It’s called reiteration. After an employee has expressed their questions and concerns, begin your answer by rephrasing one of their key points in your own words, seemingly for clarification.

It should go something like: “So you’re saying that the coffee beans that we’re using are making you depressed” or “What I’m getting from this is that you’d like a seat further away from the call pit.” Simply by repeating something that they said, you’re demonstrating that you care enough to listen and that you have the employee’s best interest at heart.

One of the main reasons that employees feel disengaged at work is that they don’t think that their opinion matters to management. By being open to the concerns of your workers and using your good listening/communication skills, your employees will feel more involved in your company and will stick around longer.

For some more tips on increasing employee retention, here’s “4 Ways to Keep the Team Happy,” from Inc. Magazine. This article is all about the little things that keep employees happy and loyal: flexible work-spaces, transparency and involvement, and investing in their well being.


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