The HR/Provider Perception Gap in Healthcare


If you’ve been in a hospital recently (hopefully as a visitor), you might have noticed that there exists a rather large range of temperaments in the doctors and nurses. There are the pleasant ones, who project warmth and try to keep everyone in the diagnostic loop, and there are the prickly ones, who will generally give you the “not my job” look if asked too many questions. Though patient satisfaction and comfort is one of the top priorities of the Healthcare Industry, there exists a perception gap between HR and direct care givers concerning the efficacy of their organization’s priorities and policies that are intended to contribute to a better quality of care.

A survey conducted by Healthcare Source revealed that this gap is quite large indeed with regards to education and quality care goals. When asked if employees had the educational resources necessary to provide person-centered care, 75% of the total survey body (which was primarily comprised of those in HR) agreed that employees did, while only 29% of educational managers agreed. Here we can see the direct conflict of perception that exists between HR and the day-to-day operations in the healthcare industry. To see the full results of the survey, follow the link below.

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