The Pitfalls of too Much Social Networking


Utilizing social networks to increase the speed of collaboration between internal employees and external consultants or experts is rapidly becoming the norm for offices everywhere. Email and instant messaging are key, especially if one of your key collaborators has never set foot in the office, or even the country.

While this rapid idea sharing is certainly helping businesses expand, too much interaction online can be unproductive and sometimes downright inappropriate. For instance, if you are in upper management, it’s ok to delegate the updating of your Facebook page to someone else for external readers, but write your own social media for internal affairs. Your employees read your emails, memos and everything else you write, so they will be able to tell when your ghost writer is speaking on your behalf.

Probably the biggest no-no for social media is the discussion of personal matters. Trying to discuss somebody’s sub-standard work ethic on a Facebook thread just isn’t an effective way of getting your point across. Even in today’s digital age, a face-to-face conversation is still the tried and true way of sorting out private issues. To read about all of the 7 Business Tasks to keep in the real world, click the link below.

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