Leveraging Your Cultural Fit in the Cover Letter


The Cover Letter has generally been reserved as a space for applicants to declare their intentions and introduce themselves more broadly than in the rest of the application. Getting creative with the with the way that your present yourself in your cover letter can be a great way to demonstrate your cultural fit with a company.

Now, I said “can be a great way” because the fashion in which you write your cover letter is highly situational and depends mostly on the character of your potential employer.

In order to write the most effective cover letter possible, you must first research the company’s culture and then highlight the qualities of your personality that make you fit snugly into that model. For some more on how to research a company’s culture is “How To Show You Get The Company Culture In Your Cover Letter,” from Forbes.

The article says that one of the best ways to feel out a potential employer for a cultural fit is to dive into the company’s content: their blogs, company website and their presence on every social media platform that they use. Once you have a feel for the voice that they’re using, try to emulate it in your cover letter.

Does this firm have a no-nonsense feel to it or would a straight laced person feel out of place among everyone else?

Whatever the case, some portion of your cover letter should be aimed at convincing the reader that you’re a great cultural fit for their company. For more cover letter tips and tricks, check out the Forbes article.


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