Video Interviewing for a Better Candidate Experience


For most companies, the interview is the gold standard for determining if a candidate is going to work out as an employee or if they just aren’t cut out for the job. Yes, online questionnaires and personality tests can help to pare down the applicant pool to a more manageable size, but ultimately, it’s the interview that separates the best-fit candidate from all of the rest.

That being said, interviewing is quite time consuming.

Depending on what company you work for, you and other managers like you might be conducting multiple rounds of interviews on each candidate that makes it to this stage in the application process. Between reviewing resumes, checking references and the actual time spent in the interviewer’s chair, this process can gobble up weeks of your time and drive candidates to their whit’s end.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could still interview people without all the pomp and circumstance? If you’re tired of the headaches associated with the interview process, you might want to try using video chat to do your initial qualification of candidates.

One of the main advantages of using a free video chat program like Skype or a program specifically designed for job interviews is that it saves time, for both you and the candidates. Let’s say that your company conducts three rounds of interviews for mid-level hires. If one of your most promising candidates lives a few cities over from you, each step forward in the interview process means hours of lost time on the road for them.

These extra commutes can be especially inconvenient if the candidate in question already has a job. Just imagine if you had to keep making up excuses to get away from work. There are only so many dentist appointments that you can make up before things start to get suspicious!

The best way to use video interviews to the greatest success is to use it for your initial “face-to-face” contact with your candidate pool. Instead of having a waiting room full of nervous applicants and a whole afternoon eaten up by introductions and paper shuffling, you’d have simple, easy video conversations to conduct at your leisure.

By using this method to screen your initial pool of finalists, you free up your candidates’ schedules. Instead of having to get all dressed up and jittery, candidates can attend the interview from the comfort of their own home or even a private room in their current workplace. Candidates will appreciate the drive time (or fly time if they’re out of state) that you save them and are much more able to fit a video interview into their schedules.

That being said, video interviews should not entirely replace the classic, in person interview.

While you can tell a lot about a person from chatting “face-to-face,” it’s just more professional to bring in your last handful of finalists in for an actual face-to-face meeting. By doing your qualifying interviews over the internet and saving the in-person meetings for the finalists, your hiring will be faster and much less painful.


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