Why it Pays to Recruit Internally


When a position is freed up or created in your company, your first thought as a hiring manager might be to immediately begin writing a job description or contacting a recruiter. While it’s great to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, we would encourage you to take a good look at your own staff before starting down the road to external recruitment. Internal recruitment is a great opportunity to both reward promising members of your staff and eliminate any redundancies that might exist by spreading out the work load. Looking at in another way, why hire a project manager (who would have to be brought up to speed and get to know everyone) when you could fill the position with one of the most promising members of the team?

Just take this Cinderella story of internal recruitment at the Cheetos company back in 1976. Richard Montañez was a janitor with a passion for spicy foods. When he wasn’t mopping floors, he was developing a spiced blend to cover his beloved Cheetos, which was a big hit with his friends and family. Encouraged by their local popularity, Richard decided to try and run the idea for “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos” past the CEO of his company. Miraculously, he got a chance to pitch his idea and (as you probably guessed) it was a hit. Today, Richard Montañez is teaching leadership to MBA students and is executive vice president of multicultural sales and community activation for PepsiCo North America.

The point here is that some of the staff that you already employ could have the potential within them for leadership and innovation. By recruiting internally before looking for external talent, you could be discovering your own Richard Montañez.


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