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Hiring Best Practices

From casual advice to federal regulations, we understand the nuances of hiring practices. Read up on tips to identify and retain talent (while complying with EEO guidelines) whether via internal hiring or recruitment process outsourcing.

10 Best Hiring Practices

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10 Best Practices for HiringDuring these busy times, are you able to make the most out of your hiring practices? After speaking with hundreds of different companies, hiring managers and HR professionals, Accolo has compiled a 10 Best Hiring Practices from the feedback. Please join us for this FREE 30-Minute Snack Break and find out more about the best practices for hiring.

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  • Quarterly Staffing Activity Report

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    QSAR Download Page So, let’s get a little more in-depth regarding the advantages of the analytics and reporting provided through Accolo. You know the old adage, “what you don’t measure…”  In fact, Accolo’s detailed analytics is one of the many reasons why we’re considered a leader in RPO .

    Do you have at your fingertips the performance of your recruiting and hiring?  Take a look at the actionable insights Accolo provides as a part of driving customer success.Aside from being visually beautiful, here are a few analytics that you get with Accolo’s Quarterly Staffing Active Report (QSAR).

    Candidate Source Details. Know exactly where you are finding your employees and how much it is actually costing you. Are you hiring and relocating people when you can be hiring locally? Locate and hire the best talent from your own neighborhood and find the best talent pools.

    Hiring Manager Surveys and Interview Efficiency. You know you have disengaged or disgruntled hiring executives.  Do you know how long they’re taking to get from the interview phase to their first day on the job. Know how efficient your company is at hiring new talent.

    EEO Reporting. Equal Employment Opportunity is painful for everyone, why not reduce the hurt and let Accolo take care of it? We handle all EEO tracking and are a proven source for making the opportunity equal for all. Then we provide the metrics in the “QSAR” for you to understand.

    Quarterly Staffing Activity Report (download QSAR pdf)
  • EEO Compliance

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    Here at Accolo, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance, we straighten up and stop joking around.

    Disregarding EEOC/OFCCP laws and regulations can be a huge detriment to your company by tainting your corporate image and your bottom line. With an increase in online applicants and the use and misuse of social network recruiting EEO compliance and reporting has become even more convoluted and important. Read More…

  • Universal Hiring Best Practices

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    the top 10 hiring best practices that help organizations hire and retain top performers.

    These best practices in hiring recognize that hiring managers have many priorities and that candidates may also be consumers, referral sources, future hires and investors. Accolo’s unique model ensures adherence to all 10 Universal Hiring Best Practices for every job. Read More…