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There is always something cooking at Accolo. From the latest hire for an industry-leading RPO client or another award that is breaking the shelves of our trophy case, come here and come often to keep a finger on the pulse of Accolo.

Check out our recruitment process outsourcing resources:

Learn How to Become a Candidate’s Dream in our Free Webinar,
“Best Practices for Establishing a Winning FY15 Hiring Strategy”

With over four million job openings in the United States, attracting and hiring the best talent is as competitive as ever, and will continue to intensify in 2015. Accolo wants to do our part in ensuring your company is ready to recruit the talent you need and create a lasting, positive impression with every candidate who applies and joins your organization.

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    Interested in seeing how we’ve helped thousands of companies improve their hiring process?

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  • Quarterly Staffing Activity Report

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    QSAR Download Page So, let’s get a little more in-depth regarding the advantages of the analytics and reporting provided through Accolo. You know the old adage, “what you don’t measure…”  In fact, Accolo’s detailed analytics is one of the many reasons why we’re considered a leader in RPO .

    Do you have at your fingertips the performance of your recruiting and hiring? Take a look at the actionable insights Accolo provides as a part of driving customer success. Aside from being visually beautiful, here are a few analytics that you get with Accolo’s Quarterly Staffing Active Report (QSAR).

    Candidate Source Details. Know exactly where you are finding your employees and how much it is actually costing you. Are you hiring and relocating people when you can be hiring locally? Locate and hire the best talent from your own neighborhood and find the best talent pools.

    Hiring Manager Surveys and Interview Efficiency. You know you have disengaged or disgruntled hiring executives. Do you know how long they’re taking to get from the interview phase to their first day on the job. Know how efficient your company is at hiring new talent.

    EEO Reporting. Equal Employment Opportunity is painful for everyone, why not reduce the hurt and let Accolo take care of it? We handle all EEO tracking and are a proven source for making the opportunity equal for all. Then we provide the metrics in the “QSAR” for you to understand.

    Quarterly Staffing Activity Report (download QSAR pdf)
  • State of the Hiring Union

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    With the battle for hiring great candidates getting hotter, information on what the hiring market looks like, how to find the best candidates and the costs of recruit-to-hire are more important than ever.

    Watch our on-demand webinar on The State of the Hiring Union where Accolo’s COO Ray Rike will give you the inside scoop on getting ahead.

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  • Best-in-Class Companies are Outsourcing Recruiting; How About you?

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    Panduit Recruiting case study, learn to outsource your recruiting

    With today’s dynamic business environment, you’re facing greater challenges in managing your workforce. You need to be focused on the changes in your market and competitive strategy, and not sifting through an endless pile of resumes for the perfect candidate to hire. With your attention already on business growth, how are you supposed to find enough time to dedicate to find the perfect job candidate? The answer is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

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  • Interview To Dos and To Don’ts

    September 30, 2013
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    Photo of people interviewingWe have all been nervous at an interview, and wondering if we are doing the right things to get the job. At Accolo, we understand that just getting to the interview process is a trek, so here are some tips on making that interview a success!

    ‘Shoulds’ and ‘Should nots’ can plague a person, especially on an interview. Thankfully, Lou Adler, the author of The Essential Guide for Hiring  & Getting Hired wrote a great article on LinkedIn on Interview Do’s and Don’ts is there to advise us!

    He goes over great ways of saving yourself, from well… yourself. Adler also discusses the best methods of getting a foot up on the interview and making yourself more appealing to the company. From being specific in your accomplishments to pre-interview prepping, he gives awesome insight in his article: “The Five Things You Must Not Do in an Interview and Five Things You Must”.

    On top of that, Accolo provides great insight from the interviewers side. Watch the on-demand webinar: “How to Conduct the Perfect Interview“, and then download a free copy of “Accolo’s Guide to Interviewing and Hiring” to know how you are being critiqued. This way you have all the tools to assure you are performing at your best! Check the article out, watch the webinar and then take a quick glance at the listed jobs on Accolo to get the application process started! We look forward to hearing about your success!

  • How to Conduct the Perfect Interview

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    Learn to identify best fit job candidates
    with the Free “How to Conduct the Perfect Interview” webinar

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  • Social Networks Vs. Job Boards… Are you sure you know who’s winning?

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    Debunking “common knowledge” regarding social networks vs. job boards with real data

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  • The EEOC is Cracking Down on the Improper Use of Criminal Records

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    Learn the EEOC Guidelines and Best Practices for Using Criminal Background Checks when Hiring

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  • Are Independent Contractors Worth the Risk?

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    Government ‘tax-gap’ crackdowns and individual claims are on the rise. Learn how to identify and avoid the risk with your contractors.

    Increasingly, cash-strapped governments are looking at what they call the “tax gap” which includes unpaid payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, etc. on mis-categorization of employees as independent contractors. There is also the real concern that these independent contractors are being deprived of worker protections such as minimum wage, overtime, health insurance benefits, workers compensation, and unemployment benefits.

    If the government doesn’t get you, watch out for Read More…

  • Let’s blow off a lotta steam : accoloTV is live!

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    We’re glad to announce the launch of accoloTV – a web video channel that pulls together the most entertaining videos about jobs and employment we can get our job-filling little mitts on.

    Take some time this afternoon to blow off that appointment and enjoy a few laughs. It’s almost the weekend, right? Also, if you find some good vids on YouTube you want us to include, just pop us an email at and we’ll add them to the channel.

    One extra-cool bit of technology we developed for accoloTV is an automatic boss monitor that can see over your shoulder and automatically switch to some boring spreadsheet when the higher-ups are about to pounce! (Not really, but wouldn’t that be cool?)

    check out accoloTV