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Executive Brief: CFO

You understand that hiring great people makes all the difference in achieving hire performance and hire success!

As the financial steward of your company, you’ve learned that it takes well-conceived processes, controls and a solid strategy to increase financial performance every day. But that’s not all. It takes people to execute all of the above and building out that team is key. So is how you go about it. The candidate who applies for a job may not only become your next employee, but also your next customer, company advocate or shareholder.

At Accolo, we have a fundamental belief that no financial performance, great product, customer service or even discontinuous innovation by itself will create a great company without the right people. This is why we created Accolo. To connect the two most important people for hire success, the hiring manager and the perfect candidate. However, this is much easier said than done, which is why neither the traditional recruiting model nor recruiting performance has materially improved in more than 50 years.

Accolo has addressed the above requirements for more than 450 companies and via 25,000 successful hires. The sum total of our hiring intelligence and all associated performance metrics from our clients and hires is stored in our Hiring Intelligence knowledgebase, and we make it available to customers through the Accolo Cloud Recruiting® Platform. Our patented Cloud Recruiting® Solution is developed upon 10 Universal Hiring Best Practices to enable every customer to implement a more consistent, predictable and transparent recruit-to-hire process. Finally, we offer a network of trained and certified Accolo Hiring Consultants (not merely recruiters) who provide our customers on demand recruiting capacity as their hiring needs fluctuate throughout the year.

And we accomplish all this while enabling you, the financial executive, to eliminate the fixed cost of recruiting and replace it with a variable-cost model. This gives you recruiting capacity that can scale up and down on-demand at a much lower total cost per hire. Feel free to evaluate your current costs against national averages and determine your potential cost savings with our Recruiting Cost Ratio Calculator.

Identifying and hiring great human capital is not the sole responsibility of human resources. Rather it is a strategic imperative that directly impacts company and financial performance. You need Service Not Software ® to make your hiring extraordinary, and that’s why Accolo is here for you.

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