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Digital Media & Marketing

traditional media is dead (and so is old-school recruiting)

That’s an overstatement, but it speaks to the great changes happening in your industry. You may be a traditional marketing or media firm, or cutting edge startup that just developed the best thing since Facebook. Either way, you must march into the new digital media fray with the most talented new media mercenaries that will fall on their swords for you when the megabytes start flying. Only Accolo can help build out your new media army with the precision and power of a samurai.

You may know a few of our clients:

Not to butter our own digital biscuit, but we have over 11 years directly positioned as the leaders in recruiting technology and using digital media to connect companies with the best talent. Think of us as that geeky kid that graduated college when he was 15. Our technology and proprietary intelligence puts us eons ahead of everybody else in new media recruiting, period. End of YouTubed, Twittered, Digg-ed, FourSquared, Stumbled Upon, Tumblr-ed, Micro-blogged, Advergamed story.

Think of the old way of recruiting as using the telegraph or even smoke signals for communication, or maybe using a dusty old set of Encyclopedias for research instead of the internet.

Only Accolo solutions combine our patented Cloud Recruiting™ with a dedicated Recruit Delivery Team that knows your business and the business of recruiting inside and out.

Accolo can support every aspect of your internal hiring needs. We’ve built a knowledge base and network tapped into traditional product marketing, creative, copywriting and editing expertise as well as constantly integrating emerging digital media professions. Whether your company is focused on leading-edge database engineering, staffing up an editorial department or building a mercenary SEO/SEM team, Accolo can implement a new media recruiting department that meets your unique challenges and leads to a dream team of stellar digital rockstars. We’ve got this down and we want to help you get it too.

Compare our 3 tiers of support options and tie them to your hiring volume. Whether you need a full Managed Service or a tactical engagement option, Accolo has service levels for your needs. In either situation, you’ll have a fully functioning internal recruiting department and our Certified Hiring Consultants can manage your jobs from start to finish and work with your hiring managers to drive the process. Accolo Hiring Consultants also come armed with our proprietary technology, specific insight into your industry, and our 2.5M+ person Career Network. Welcome to the new recruiting rocket science.

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