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Recruiting for Engineering & Manufacturing

a quick quiz: what do companies that make beer taps, the Jaws of Life and surgical robots all have in common?

Accolo’s scalable recruiting infrastructure gives engineering and manufacturing companes the best resources and expertise to attract top talent in a highly competitive industry. Our experience in software and technology naturally led us into the Silicon Valley hardware sector and early success with these companies has grown into unmatched engineering and manufacturing hiring expertise that goes way beyond mechanical engineers. Our 1,000,000+ person Career Network also gives Accolo clients a powerful resource in attracting engineers, technical sales people, project managers and skilled manufacturing staff.

You may know a few of our Engineering and Manufacturing clients:

From Structural Engineers to Thin-Solar Production Managers — we know the challenges of recruiting for skills most sought after and truly unique to your industry. How do you build a hiring infrastructure that makes successfully hiring for the difficult-to-fill positions a repeatable, scalable and efficient process? Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting™ technology and Career Network allow us to build relationships and talent pipelines intelligently that are perpetually refined while our Accolo Recruit Team has a finger on the pulse of your industry to help guide the hiring process efficiently with proprietary insight.

Our flexible approach to client service allows us to work as part of your HR team, focusing our process on a select job function or business unit. Let’s build a better recruiting process for your company together.

“We have multiple hires for the same role—how does Accolo’s model scale to meet our needs?”

Our pricing structure is based on a flat fee for the job supported, not the number of hires or a percentage of compensation. For that one fee you can make up to three hires at no additional cost, providing significant economies of scale when Accolo supports your hiring company-wide or in multiple-hire scenarios.

“I can see how your process works for high-volume hiring, but how do you attract Director- and VP-level candidates?”

Our technology gives the Hiring Consultants working with your hiring managers more time for the high-level interactions. By automating the routine and administrative tasks, the system allows our team to focus on high touch, personal outreach into our Career Network. We also leverage all of the latest third-party tools including networking sites, research sources and resume databases to make sure our team has every pertinent resource available. Completely adaptable, we can spread our infrastructure across multiple clients, bringing a greater level of resources than the typical internal recruiting department can afford.

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