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yes, this is recruiting rocket science!

The tech boom sparked fierce competition for top technology talent so now finding that perfect ‘diamond in the rough’ person for your high-tech job openings has become as challenging as an unsolved astrophysics problem. Where are they? Just around the block? In a thought incubator in Myanmar? You need a recruitment solution that has evolved as fast as the technologies you deal with every day to streamline, coordinate and make your hiring process ultra-efficient.


Some of our top-tier tech clients with successful Accolo hiring stories:


accolo high tech clients

Think of the old way of recruiting as using smoke signals for communication, or maybe using a dusty old set of Encyclopedias for research instead of the Internet. Only Accolo solutions combine our patented Cloud Recruiting™ with a dedicated Recruit Delivery Team that knows your business and the business of recruiting inside and out. Does your new hire need to know what the best way to design a fiber-optic network for an emerging economy country in Southeast Asia? Maybe they should be an expert is Crystal Memory Storage for next generation mobile devices? Accolo will help you find them faster and with less capital outlay.

While attracting top engineers and developers can earn your business a lot of media attention, the sales, marketing, operations and finance positions are just as important and challenging to fill. Accolo has gathered an exceptional network of professionals in the software and technology industries which, when combined with our innovative process and other resources, can work to lure top talent to your company. It’s time to emerge from the stone age of recruiting.

How can Accolo Help my High Tech Candidate Search?

“Our firm has consistent hiring needs, but our current recruiting infrastructure and resources are laborious, inefficient and unorganized.”

Depending on your hiring volume, Accolo’s Enterprise or Premium options would be a great solution. Employ the Duet option if you are looking to elevate your existing recruiting, or utilize Symphony to gain a strategic partner to head your recruiting for new ventures or across your entire enterprise. In either situation, you’ll have a fully functioning internal recruiting department in a matter of weeks. Our Certified Hiring Consultants can manage your jobs from start to finish and work with your hiring managers to drive the process. Accolo Hiring Consultants also come armed with our proprietary technology, specific insight into your industry, and our 2.5M+ person Career Network. Welcome to the new recruiting rocket science.

“We’re an established technology firm, but we have one particular hiring area that is always a challenge.”

From Ruby developers to Alternative Energy Scientists, Chemical engineers to Aerospace Researchers — we know the challenges of recruiting for skills most sought after and truly unique. How do you build a hiring infrastructure that makes successfully hiring for the difficult-to-fill positions a repeatable, scalable and efficient process? Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting™ technology and Career Network allow us to build relationships and talent pipelines intelligently that are perpetually refined. Our flexible approach to client service allows us to work as part of your HR team, focusing our process on a select job function or business unit.

“My firm is a small, venture-funded company that is ramping up over the next year. How can Accolo help?”

Accolo’s Standard On-line Agreement is ideal if you need to ramp up quickly but are not able to commit to a consistent, long-term hiring need. It’s kind of an a la carte option that lets you ‘mix and match’ according to your needs from our full support Symphony offering to Duet to Solo. Your company can tap into Accolo’s Certified Hiring Consultants and full range of resources as needed. We know flexibility in fast growth mode is imperative to evolve at your speed while always keeping return on resource outlay top of mind.

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