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Sustainable Energy / Clean Tech

we make it easy being green

As the world’s attention (and investment dollars) turn towards sustainable, renewable energy and clean technology, the demand for industry specialists is growing like a freshly tilled field of bio-fuel crops in Iowa. We’ve taken our leadership role in recruiting to a new level by helping to place the best minds for companies focusing on being green and powering green. Every day we are adding talented people to our Career Network to meet the needs of this high-growth sector.

You may know a few of our clients:

Accolo’s support of sustainable energy companies goes beyond a business decision or bandwagon marketing stunt. It is our core belief that helping your green company find the best talent possible will benefit you and the planet for generations to come. It is not often that a company can make such a direct impact on the growth of an industry, but we welcome the challenge and responsibility.

Past recruiting used to be restricted by piles of paper and inefficient, time-consuming, narrow-focus insular efforts. Think of Accolo’s Cloud Recruiting™ solution paired with our Recruiting Team like a sea change shift in battery storage engineering. Our blend of technology and expertise is a monumental shift like moving from the traditional combustion engine to a Hybrid power source that gets over 100 miles per gallon.

Accolo is the only RPO provider to develop a specific industry focus on sustainable energy – we understand, live and believe in the greening of your workforce through a better recruiting solution. Job opening > Accolo > Hire : wasn’t that easy? Make your competitors green with envy over your faster & lower cost hiring effort, and new recruits that will help your company foster in a new dawn of energy. Be green and save green with Accolo.


“Everyone says they support clean tech—who wouldn’t
(with the possible exception of Rush Limbaugh)? How do we know you mean it?”

We practice what we preach:

  • Accolo is a certified Bay Area Green Business
  • CEO John Younger’s solar-powered house produces more electricity than it uses
  • We provide financial incentives for our employees to purchase hybrid vehicles
  • Trees have been known to hug us

“You clearly work with large established companies in this sector – but we are a small,
fast-growing company. How can you help us meet our unique talent needs?”

As #42 on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies, Accolo understands the challenges of rapidly growing businesses. Accolo’s Premium model gives you access to a complete recruiting infrastructure—people, process, technology and resources—with minimal fixed overhead. When you have a job to fill, we will manage it start to finish for a single flat rate, regardless of level or compensation.

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