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More important to us than our awards is this collection of accolades from our
valued customers, industry experts and media big wigs…

“Accolo’s centralized sourcing department is invaluable. Finding great talent isn’t just about posting. Accolo proactively capitalizes on their Career Network of 2+ million, their robust social network integration and referral support. I love that they have a proactive department that focuses on sourcing rather than a recruiter that has to try to manage their schedule and add in passive sourcing with sending emails and getting on the phone for several hours. Brilliant!”
Harris Grayman SVP, People and Culture, UBM Technology
Fred Wu Program Manager, CLEAResult
“I really appreciate getting the detailed candidate report as it gives the interviewer MUCH more context when they meet the applicant.”
“I’ve worked with Accolo with filling several positions for my departments and have found the technology and simplified process to be an overall great experience. I would definitely recommend Accolo’s services to other hiring and HR managers. Accolo has a great system and technology as well as very responsive staff. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Accolo to other individuals.”
Lisa Sweillam American CareSource
Jamie Withey Client Relationship Manager, CLEAResult
“Very Helpful in determining what exactly I was looking to find in a qualified candidate. With my available time I like not being flooded with stacks of resumes that I have to review and determine which ones may be qualified for the position.”
“I can’t say enough great things about this system. I Love love love it. This was convenient, saved me time and provided a better candidate for review – as a result of the targeted questions. My HCNs [hiring consultants] were so professional and acted as my personal hiring assistants.”
Bridget Nelson Dex One Corporate
Kevin Gaither Director of Inside Sales at
“I loved the ATS and the scoring system. I liked how I could Make A Decision and move them out, see bar chart reporting and put notes in the candidate.”
“Loved the interface that showed me real time the candidates that had applied and who had passed the screening process.”Kathleen Hughes Senior Manager DVT Engineering, Emulex
John Chamberlain Sr. Vice President Engineering, Emulex
“I don’t know about the technology, but the effectiveness of having Accolo working the mechanics of the process has proven invaluable to me. My time is very fragmented and my ability to focus for any extended period of time on recruiting is zero. Accolo kept the process going while I was engaged in running the day to day operations of the department. This prevented the frequent start/stop inefficiency from creeping into the equation. Corie was also very adept at pressing for things from me and my team when they needed to happen.”
“Overall, it was very helpful to have a record of candidates and be able to rank and file notes. The system was intuitive and easy to use.”Carmen Henrikson Senior Manager – Strategic Planning, EnerNOC
Jennifer Jones Everything Channel
“Very impressed with your services. The pre-interview testing helps tremendously in weeding out unqualified applicants.”
“Both of these candidates were very solid candidates in every way. We were on a very tight deadline to fill the last two positions. We were able to both positions fill before the deadline. Accolo did a great job. I was very impressed.”

Matt Grant Recruiting Manager, Farmers Insurance
Franziska Gomez Director of Customer Profitability, Jitterbug / Great Call
“The online interview process was very effective to filter for suitable candidates and produce a hire quickly. The hiring consultant was very responsive to my requests and made this a pleasant experience for me. Thank you!”
“Very easy to weed through the resumes. The rating system is an excellent tool.”

Jan Louisell InSound Medical
Tom Novitsky Chief Engineer, Johnson Controls Automotive
“Ultimately the candidates that were best for the job, ranked the highest. Plus during the interviews, there was no question regarding qualifications for the position. I like the process, and how it gets very quickly to the best people for a the position that we were looking at. A big time saver for me.”
“As this was the first time I had to use the system to hire someone, I found it to be even more user friendly than I understood previously. Thanks!!”Tricia Dunn-West Senior Director – HR, Newport Corporation
Marie Hepola Regional Manager, Phonak
“We were able to move very efficiently in the process through the many applicants to the list of most qualified candidates. This was a wonderful process to keep information stored and have dialog during the interviewing process. I have already recommended Accolo to many larger customers and strategic business partners. Wonderful supportive system. Thank you!”
“Highly Recommended – this system was a huge step forward from the manual resume submission process that we had previously. The ability to have candidate questions and short answers to help rank the candidates was great.”

Chad Evers Phonak, Credit Manager
Nate Daly Editorial Supervisor, PR Newswire
“The best batch of candidates I have had the pleasure of interviewing. Being in a position to pick the great candidates from a pool of very good candidates was a treat. I had a terrific experience with Accolo while filling these three positions and would absolutely recommend the company to others. Big thanks to Emily for helping me fill three positions in record time.”
“The initial interview was very useful in developing a good understanding of how the job should be presented and recruited. The candidates who scored well in the recruiting survey were very high quality.”

Gary Renz Richardson Gratings
Kevin Hagihara Product Analyst, StrataCare, LLC
“I thought the hiring consultant did a great job in putting the questions together. In looking back, I probably would have wanted to work with the hiring consultant a bit more to refine the questions to be a little more specific to what we were looking for. The routing of all applicants, both internal and external, made it very easy to keep track of all of the different applicants.”
“…an area of strength for Accolo – technology has a tremendous positive effect on hiring process. I have recommended Accolo to other businesses as a viable resource/provider in the recruiting industry.”

Sean Gallagher VP of Marketing and Regulatory Affairs, Tessera Solar
Ben Veechai Marketing Director – Game, UBM TechWeb
“I was very surprised at the quality of candidates that came in and who matched things like 5 out of 7, but who also had other areas of expertise of qualities I didn’t even think of. The final JS was a great framework to start the recruiting process. I used to have to (and preferred) to phone screen candidates before inviting them into the office myself. Still the phone screen process took quite a bit of effort and time on my part. After having (my HC) screen the candidates first and reviewing his notes, I felt 100% comfortable in skipping my phone screen and just inviting the candidates in that (my HCN) highly recommended. We were able to hire a candidate who I feel is top notch and in a relatively fast time frame (15 days). I’m honestly not the type of person who is easily impressed by too many things, so when I say that this experience was excellent, then I suggesting that other “old skool” know-it-all managers give it a shot. I definitely feel I learn new ways to interview and review candidates as well as view the overall hiring process. I do highly recommend managers trying out the Accolo process. It is well worth it.”
“Our Accolo Hiring Consultants really dig in and take the time to screen the top candidates – understanding their strengths and areas for development. They take the time to also write up within the console – shows our Hiring Managers that they’re taking the time to get in under the hood and sus out if the candidate is who they say they are. Accolo provides a level of partnership and commitment to excellence not even imagined by other software vendors, agencies or independent recruiters.”

Harris Grayman VP of People and Culture, UBM Electronics & Canon
Chief EngineerJohnson Controls
“I like the [Accolo] process, and how it gets very quickly to the best people for the position that we were looking at. Ultimately the candidates that were best for the job, ranked the highest. Plus during the interviews, there was no question regarding qualifications for the position. A big time saver for me.”