Innovative Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers like Accolo are beating the traditional RPO companies on Value and Services Capabilities

Accolo recognized as the #1 Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider for General Services Capability and Value for Fees

Larkspur, CA – April 4, 2013

The Outsourcing Institute (OI), in association with Human Resource Executive Magazine, has recently recognized Accolo as the #1 Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider for two of four categories, General Services Capability and Value for Fees. Accolo’s recognition is out of a field of over 40 RPO providers worldwide.

The confidential survey and rankings are based on actual, verifiable survey results and analysis from the existing clients of RPO providers. Completed by Human Capital Group LLC, an independent third party, this comprehensive research covers more than 15 different industries.

Download the full report here: OI HRE IQPC 10 Best RPO Providers Report

“The Outsourcing Institute’s ‘10 Best’ RPO Provider Ranking survey was developed to provide companies with an accurate and timely analysis of the RPO market place. As well as an overall provider ranking, the OI survey is unique in that the specific categories provide buyers with insight to key outsourcing evaluation criteria”, said Larry Heckathorn, Senior Advisor to the Outsourcing Institute and Co-Founder of the Human Capital Group LLC.

“OI’s work is essential in advancing the growing RPO industry by providing the most objective, accurate and verifiable provider information so companies can choose the most appropriate RPO partner with confidence,” emphasized John Younger, President & CEO of Accolo. “It is also highlights the value of innovation and the impact of that innovation on the entire recruiting and hiring industry. We have taken a bold move by creating a measurably more efficient technology and process to help companies hire, and it’s terrific to have that objectively validated.”

More companies are considering Recruitment Process Outsourcing to either augment their existing internal recruiting capabilities or as a complete replacement of a traditional internal recruitment department. Given the highly volatile economic environment, RPO allows companies to have more recruiting capacity on demand with a measurably lower fixed cost.

Read the article by Human Resource Executive Magazine at: RPO’s Top 10

About Accolo, Inc. (What is RPO)
Accolo is the leading RPO provider solution with a relentless pursuit to connect the two people who matter most: the hiring manager and best fit candidates. Unlike any other hiring option, Accolo’s bold approach combines a patented SaaS Elevated RPO platform with embedded social network job marketing, a Hiring Intelligence Knowledgebase™ and best-practice, data driven process. Companies use Accolo’s Elevated RPO solutions to materially Increase the productivity of their recruiting process, while being able to scale recruiting capacity up and down, as either their turn-key internal recruiting department or as their On-Demand recruitment capacity partner. Accolo delivers the most appropriate combination of solutions on a client by client basis. Accolo is regularly acknowledged as a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcer (RPO) and is a founding member of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association.



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