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full end-to-end RPO services

Our Symphony Cloud RPO services will bring music to your ears.

Symphony is the only cloud recruiting solution that will minimize your recruiting costs, systemize the entire process and assure the absolute highest-quality employee matching to your specific needs.

Symphony combines Accolo’s patented Cloud Recruiting® Product with a dedicated Client Relationship Management Team that knows your business and the business of recruiting inside and out. An Accolo Client Executive (your right hand recruitment manager) and hand picked Accolo Certified Hiring Consultants (experts in your business and the personal contact point with potential employees) will work with you remotely or even on-site to handle every aspect of your day-to-day recruitment process.

Your business is like an orchestra. When one of the key players is not there, you’re not hitting all the notes and something’s definitely missing from the mix. Symphony will fill that open seat with a star – let’s make some beautiful recruiting music together.

Symphony combines the following :

Accolo Hiring Intelligence Knowledgebase: Hire Intelligence™

Features: Actionable hiring intelligence, role specific job descriptions and behavioral interview questions that are proven markers for talent.

  • Instantly access our hiring intelligence knowledgebase of over twenty thousand successful hires. This is our proprietary “secret sauce” that makes every recruiter a top-notch performer by empowering them with collective intelligence and results-based data to more effectively hire for every job. Sprinkle a little on your recruiting process and taste the full flavor of a successful search. We’ve been collecting this intelligence for over 11 years. Nobody else has this level of hire intelligence, nobody ever will. (This goes way beyond reading a resume and canned cover letter.)
  • Gain priority access to engaging job descriptions coupled with proven interview questions that mathematically identify candidates with the attributes and experience of your top performers. Our continuously expanding and evolving Hiring Intelligence Knowledgebase (aggregated from hundreds of companies and thousands of successful hires) will reduce your cost per hire, ensure the perfect match of each hire and increase operational efficiency of every recruiting resource.

Accolo Cloud Recruiting Platform: Hire Performance™

Features: A revolutionary platform developed upon ten universal hiring best practices.

  • Our collaborative Cloud Recruiting Platform – shared by your recruiters, hiring managers and candidates — ensures seamless, consistent and predictable recruiting for every stakeholder. The online dashboard gives a real-time look into every bit of information and communication, organizing and streamlining what was once an inefficient mess.
  • Launch online job marketing campaigns to all channels including job boards, social networks (including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and employees to exponentially broaden the reach of referral hiring and enable a source inclusive process, without the cost and effort of posting individually to every job board and social network. Social networking has changed they way we connect and interact; now you can use it to ease the process and expand effectiveness of recruiting.
  • Our patented candidate interview and data-driven scoring technologies eliminate the need for manual resume screening and subjective decision-making. The Accolo hiring intelligence allows the top talent to rise to the top. Gone are the days of hundreds of unqualified resumes stacked on your desk – let’s focus on the best of the best and eliminate the rest.

Accolo Certified Hiring Consultants, available on-demand : Hire Expertise™

Features: Instantly scale your recruiting capacity via the Accolo network of trained and certified hiring consultants that will manage every step of your recruit-to-hire process.

  • Our dedicated hiring consultants are your virtual team members that allow you to scale your recruiting capacity up and down on-demand while minimizing your fixed costs. It is their business to simplify the business and process of your recruiting.
  • We match the expertise and experience of our hiring consultants to the job at hand assuring candidate assessments are as effective as possible.
  • You now have the ability to align hiring costs to hiring needs in real time, while ensuring recruit to hire process predictability and transparency for every job.

Recruit to Hire Process Management, driven by universal hiring best practices:

  • We develop a recruitment plan specific to each position including a compelling job description and targeted initial interview and secondary open-ended behavioral questions.
  • Systematic brand management, ensuring a positive and transparent experience for all applicants.
  • Hiring manager and candidate process facilitation including hiring decision-making support.
  • Additional phone screening, reference and background checks.
  • Offer and closing assistance ensuring that each applicant is fairly considered and receives follow-up and closure communication regardless of the outcome.
  • Interview training for hiring managers.

Source Inclusive Job Campaign Management:

  • Careers page management that integrates seamlessly with your corporate site.
  • Online candidate application process, two-level online interview process with candidate scoring using our patented scoring model with directed candidate ranking.
  • Integration with external resources such as social networks, job boards, diversity organizations, professional groups and other candidate generation sources.
  • Targeted, passive candidate direct sourcing and outreach.
  • Employee referral program support.
  • Access to our proprietary, nurtured 2.5M+ Accolo Career Network Members.

Hiring Performance Metrics Reporting : Hire Effectiveness™

  • Comprehensive reporting, with all relevant hiring performance metrics, including: Days to Present, Days to Accept, Days to Start, Recruiting Cost Ratio and Candidate Flow.
  • Comprehensive EEOC and OFCCP reporting to ensure compliance.
  • Quarterly Staffing Activity Report (QSAR) and executive hiring performance briefing meeting.
Symphony Datasheet (pdf download)

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