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Do I have to take every job that I am assigned?

No! As a member of the HCN Community you have complete control of your own workload. In fact, you aren’t assigned jobs at all. Job reqs will be sent out to you based on your expertise and client requests and you will have the ability to accept the challenge OR decline and wait for a request when you have more bandwidth. We know that you’ll have a hard time turning down opportunities because of your “go get ‘em” attitude but we know that not every hiring consultant can take on every req.

Where will I work?

It’s up to you! Have a couch that is conducive to phone screening while still in your robe? Go for it! More interested in setting up post at a local coffee shop? Have a latte and get sourcing. Some of our Hiring Consultants take some time to visit client sites, meet with hiring managers and conduct in person interviews if their location allows. The HCN gives you the freedom to work in a way that is conducive to your lifestyle.

Will I need my own job board logins for access to resume databases?

Our goal is to provide you with the resources that you need to maximize your recruiting skills. Not only do we provide you with access to resume databases on all of the standard job boards, we also help you with sourcing behind the scenes making sure that all jobs that you’re working on stay healthy. Your wins are our wins and we’ll do everything we can as a team to make every job a success!

How will I be paid?

Here at Accolo your hard work pays off! Accolo offers a very competitive pay structure and the best part of all, you get to decide how much you make!

When can I start!?

How about right now?

Join the HCN!