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resources and support

You’ve already proven yourself as a rock star recruiter with a knack for managing details and building relationships time and time again. With the resources and support provided to you as a member of our Hiring Consultant Network you’re the conductor in a world class rock symphony.

Are you confident that you’ve got what it takes to join the best and the brightest? Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll receive when you make the ranks!

All members of Accolo’s Hiring Consultant Network are given access to our unique Job Performance Center designed to help you get the best caliber candidates through the door, faster. Resources include:

  • We’ll get you set up with personal accounts with resume access on all standard job boards; it’s all a part of the package!
  • Automated Job Board Postings directly through our technology on basic and niche job boards
  • Targeted and proactive sourcing assistance on tough to fill jobs

When you join the Hiring Consultant Network you’ll be welcomed into our community of the best and brightest recruiters. You will enjoy the benefit of open communication and support throughout the network.  We promote community through active conversations on message boards, webinars, group training and participation our unique Sourcing Blitz calls that encourage members of the network to support one another on their most challenging roles.

Accolo’s unique technology allows recruiters to do what they do best: find candidates and fill jobs. With our advanced system we’ll handle the administrative tasks and resume filtering. You’ll have access to resumes of qualified candidates and time consuming administrative tasks will be automated, allowing you to focus on doing what you love in the most efficient way possible.