Recruitment Process Outsourcing: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About RPO

  • Accolo is a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company that provides a recruiting solution that uses a unique combination of people, process, technology and strategy to solve hiring problems for our clients. Accolo is truly your all-in-one recruiting solution. We are the talent chasing, job marketing, cost reducing, noise killing, fill the job right and make you look good people. In short, Accolo makes your work life easier.
  • This is a question that we get so frequently, that we decided to just write up a complete explanation of not only RPO, but also your other recruiting options. You can get the complete explanation of RPO here.
  • Not just a real person. A person who is really good at their job. There will be an Accolo professional who oversees the entire process for your jobs. Our Hiring Consultants create customized recruitment plans (including job descriptions and online interview questions) for each job we support. They will then use their expertise to drive candidates to the job and guide the entire process. That “Consultant” piece of their title is no joke – they’re our experts and your resource.
  • Cost, efficiency, and ability to play well with others comes to mind. Recruitment agencies generally operate from a “hurry up and fill the job” mentality, and they only fill jobs. Accolo, on the other hand, takes care of the entire recruiting process from end-to end. We know the distinction can be a bit confusing, so we’ve created a page that not only explains RPO, but also talks about your other recruiting options. Click here to learn more.
  • Accolo provides Elevated RPO Solutions. In a nutshell, that means that we bundle a lot more services into our solution, as standard practice, than other RPO providers. We handle your recruiting process from end-to-end and everything in between. Want to really see how we stack up apples to apples? Take a look at the chart on this page.
  • Our Hiring Consultants are highly tenured experts with specialization in a wide variety of industries, including IT, technical, high tech, finance, sales, and other specialties. We align our team with your hiring needs, rather than offering a one size fits all like so many other RPOs.
  • We take great care of your candidates for you by following the Candidate Bill of Rights. We didn’t just create the Candidate Bill of Rights, we live by it!

    From initial application through filling the position, candidates receive updates at every stage of the process, including a polite email if they aren’t accepted for further interviewing or the position has been filled. We know how important candidate experience is to your employment brand, and we make it a top priority with our clients.

  • The first step is for us to get to know each other a little better and see if our services are a good fit for your company. Simply complete the form to the right and we’ll get you started with what we like to call a Discovery Call.
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