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from self-service to a fully managed recruiting department, the choice is yours


For a few jobs, elevate your recruiting quickly & easily with this self-service option.

Want the power of recruiting with Accolo with no long term commitment?

We guarantee you’ll be impressed! Try Accolo now!

Annual Subscription

Looking to enhance your existing team’s hiring performance?

Launching a major project or hiring initiative?

Desire higher quality candidates and increased hiring manager satisfaction?

Start recruiting at a hire level!

Managed Service

Looking to outsource recruiting and increase your hiring performance?

Put the full power of our award winning RPO to work for you. With Accolo, you have access to a turnkey recruiting department and capacity on-demand.

Partner for hire success!

Accolo Solutions


Subscription Term

90 Days

Annual Subscription Level

up to 5 jobs
6 – 200 jobs
over 200 jobs

Accolo Resources

Account Manager
Client Program Manager
Client Executive
Certified Hiring Consultant with Duet and Symphony
On-site Client Program Manager
On-site Hiring Consultant
Executive Sponsor

Cloud Recruiting® Platform

Single user
Named users
Unlimited users

Customer Support

Toll Free Number
Designated Support Representative

Career Site Empowerment

Self Service
Full Service

System Integration

Excel, CSV
Full Service

Hiring Performance Activity Reports

On-line job performance reports
Candidate source tracking
Candidate source reporting
EEO compliance tracking
EEO compliance reporting
Monthly Hiring Activity Report
Quarterly Hiring Activty Report
Executive Hiring Performance Briefing
Annual Workforce Planning