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Executive Brief: VP HR (Chief People Officer)

No matter what your title, you understand that hiring great people makes all the difference in achieving hire performance and hire success!

The key to building a great company, is great people…right? At Accolo, we have a fundamental belief that no product, technology, service or even discontinuous innovation by itself will create a great company without the right people. This is why we created Accolo. To connect the two most important people for hire success, the hiring manager and the perfect candidate. However, this is much easier said than done, which is why neither the traditional recruiting model nor recruiting performance has materially improved in more than 50 years.

We started by collecting hiring intelligence and performance metrics across more than 450 companies and via 25,000 successful hires. The sum total of our hiring intelligence and all associated performance metrics from our clients and hires is stored in our Hiring Intelligence knowledgebase, and we make it available to customers through the Accolo Cloud Recruiting® Platform. Our patented Cloud Recruiting Solution is founded upon 10 Universal Hiring Best Practices to enable every customer to implement a more consistent, predictable and transparent recruit- to-hire process. Finally, we offer a network of trained and certified Accolo Hiring Consultants (not merely recruiters), who provide our customers on-demand recruiting capacity as their hiring needs fluctuate throughout the year.

As the talent management leader within your company, you know the importance of having great people to represent your employment brand every day. What’s just as crucial is having every candidate who applies for a job become your brand advocate. The Accolo Universal Hiring Best Practices includes the fundamental tenet that every candidate be treated with courtesy and respect. Not only may they become your next employee, they may also become your next customer, a share holder or even a referral source for that next “A Player” you hire.

We continuously gather feedback from our customers, and they consistently articulate the following benefits with Accolo including:

  • increased candidate quality,
  • a material reduction in cost per hire, and
  • compressed recruit to hire cycle time.

We think there’s an even more strategic benefit for the Chief People Officer, and that’s increasing hiring manager satisfaction. As we leverage the aggregate hiring intelligence cited above, we minimize the time they spend reviewing poor-fit resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates. Moreover, you can eliminate the fixed costs of an internal recruiting function, materially increase the effectiveness and efficiency of making each new hire and bolster your employment branding one candidate at a time. Ask yourself this question. How many candidates who were turned down for a job enthusiastically state they would recommend your company to their friends and family? We receive hundreds of such comments every month from candidates who weren’t even hired!

Identifying and hiring great human capital is not the sole responsibility of human resources; it’s a responsibility and opportunity that should be shared among every department. Accolo’s goal is to help you achieve “Hire Success.” We invite you to learn for yourself how we can impact your company’s branding and hire performance…one candidate and one hire at a time.

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