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State of the Hiring Union

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With the battle for hiring great candidates getting hotter, information on what the hiring market looks like, how to find the best candidates and the costs of recruit-to-hire are more important than ever.

Watch our on-demand webinar on The State of the Hiring Union where Accolo’s COO Ray Rike will give you the inside scoop on getting ahead.

Through this State of the Hiring Union webinar you will take away current information on:

The State of the Hiring Union Webinar by Accolo

  • National Labor Statistics – where is unemployment today and how it affects recruiting and hiring
  • National & Industry Specific Recruiting Costs – and how to measure and compare yours easily
  • Best Sources of Hires by Department/Job Function including Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, HR, etc.
  • Hiring Performance Metrics, such as the ratio of Applicants to Hire by Job Function; Applicants to Interview;
    Interview Efficiency; and Days to Present
  • Current Candidate Acquisition Challenges & Opportunities by Job Function
  • Expected Challenges for 2014 & How to Overcome

Let’s get to know each other a bit, then sit back and enjoy the show…

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