17 Most Ridiculous Resumes


A resume is a candidates chance to make a great first impression, and with the high level of competition, candidates need to do things to standout. Unfortunately that sometimes means you have to sift through endless misspellings or pictures of Nicholas Cage. Here’s a look at some of the most ridiculous resumes that have come across the desks of various recruiters. Warning: these resumes are vastly unqualified and some contain NSFW language.

Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Resumes

1. This Resume from an Excellent Communicator

2. He’s a “Boss” at working. Why wouldn’t you hire him?

3. This Toronto Employment Ad from a Marijuana Smuggler…

4. How about this guy with the interesting hobby…

5. Is he crazy or is he really the best?

6. Faster than a train and stronger than a bear — what can go wrong?

7. You’re kidding me right? This is so bad it can’t be real…

8. He solved the meaning of life aaaaand charmed crocodiles. This person has “Hire” written all over them.

9. At least this person was the Commissioner of their Fantasy Football League.

10. This is how you make a first impression.

11. I guess you could say this candidate was throwing a “Hail Mary” with this resume.

12. Dependable, smart, and devilishly handsome.

13. In need of a good Ppl person?

14. At least this candidate has an intuitive understanding of Supply and Demand economics?

15. Have to love how direct this candidate is.

16. Two words. Nicholas Cage.

17. Probably the greatest resume ever.

What did you think? Would you hire any of these candidates based on these resumes? If you’re generating a high number of applicants but need help finding more qualified candidates or filtering out resumes like these, then schedule a call with one of our recruiting experts to learn more.





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