2013 Workforce and Salary Trends


2012 saw more than a few politicians talking about their grand plans to fix the job market. For the 7.7% of the country that is unemployed, this sounded great. People in power were taking an interest in their plight, and for once, domestic job growth seemed a top priority.

But let’s get real for a second.

Unless the president is going to start offering millions of jobs at the IRS, the lion’s share of reducing unemployment will always fall to the private businesses in this country. This means that the business people at the top, the movers and shakers, will be responsible for how fast this 7.7 figure drops. And thus we arrive at today’s info-graphic from the Accounting Principals website. Through data gathered from industry leaders, the good people at this good blog were able to forecast a general upwelling in optimism among business leaders and a desire to expand their staff or invest in new tech. When those who have a lot of resources at their disposal have a willingness to invest those resources, everyone wins! To get the low down about what your boss thinks about raises, workforce expansion and salary negotiation, click the link below:

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