3 Companies Doing Social Media Recruitment Right


Social media recruitment isn’t just a novelty anymore, it’s an absolute necessity in any successful recruiting strategy. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are a great way to find talent, advertise jobs, and communicate with potential candidates, but it’s also a great way to showcase your company culture and employer brand.

But most of all, social media recruitment is an essential strategy to meet candidates where they hang out – online.

And it’s not just the big companies who are leveraging social recruiting. According to Statista, “over 90 percent of companies are presently making use of social media networks in their hiring process.” Social media recruitment has arrived, and if you want to compete for the best talent in your industry, then you need to have a social media presence that will impress and engage top candidates.

Here are some great examples of doing social media recruitment right.


Zappos Careers Page

Zappos is a  subsidiary of Amazon.com that sells apparel and footwear online. They’re located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have nicknamed their 1500 employees “Zapponians.” Here are a couple of quotes from their career pages that demonstrate their company culture and branding:

We’ve been asked by a lot of people how we’ve grown so quickly, and the answer is actually really simple…we’ve aligned the entire organization around one mission: to provide the best customer service possible. Internally, we call this our WOW philosophy. And, we believe that it’s our unique “fun and a little weird” culture that drives the WOW.

Want to see what it’s really like to work at @Zappos? We are happy to share our fun culture and show you what life #InsideZappos is all about! #careers #jobs

The dedicated career page at Zappos features:

  •  A sliding gallery of images that do a fantastic job of showcasing their company culture and employees having fun
  • Lots of information why candidates should choose Zappos
  • Employee testimonial videos
  • Job search capability
  • Links to Zappos social media pages

It’s clear from their social media platform pages that Zappos is targeting potential millennial candidates. Their Facebook and Twitter profiles are really well done with videos, content, and images that will attract millennial job seekers (and non-millennials too). They’re also using Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to solidify their employer branding and company culture as a young, hip organization. While a lot of big companies have stopped doing separate social media career pages, Zappos has created top notch profiles that show you how to do social media recruitment right.

The only place where Zappos comes up short is their LinkedIn company page. As of this posting, their company page seems incomplete and they don’t have a careers page on LinkedIn. It’s almost as if they just forgot LinkedIn altogether. With LinkedIn being so focused on professionals, many more experienced candidates may be put off by the lack of attention to this page.

What to Emulate:
  • Create a separate careers page with lots of information and employee feedback to demonstrate company culture and employer branding.
  • Create social profiles that target your ideal employees – make them engaging and fun.
What to do Better:
  • Make sure your LinkedIn page is a good showcase for your company, not an afterthought.

General Mills

General Mills Social Media Recruitment

General Mills, the company responsible for your balanced breakfast, is active on a variety of social channels and targets a much broader candidate pool. Unlike Zappos, General Mills works hard to attract both younger and seasoned job seekers.

Not only does General Mills have a dedicated careers site full of great information, but they also have dedicated careers pages on both LinkedIn and YouTube. They have also linked directly to their Glassdoor profile, which helps to backup their standing as a great employer.

Their dedicated careers  Youtube channel is probably the best example of great social media recruitment from this company because it features General Mills employees talking about the company’s culture and the impact that new hires are encouraged to make in their new job. Along with these inspirational employee stories, there are other videos providing information on specific careers at General Mills like marketing and manufacturing.

What to Emulate:
  • Creating a dedicated careers page on LinkedIn to take best advantage of that professional audience.
  • Creating a dedicated careers page on YouTube – Providing a variety of content (like video) is a great way to catch the eye of job seekers while giving them information about your organization.
What to do Better:
  • Consider creating dedicated career pages on Twitter and Facebook too.

The Home Depot

Home Depot social recruiting

Home Depot is a company with a particularly bright, fun social media presence. Besides making heavy use of their store’s color (traffic cone orange) the Home Depot’s social media presence is chock full of interesting content and engaging calls to action.

When you visit the general Home Depot Careers Page, the first things you see are a wide variety of happy employees, their stories, and buttons for exploring the company’s profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This social integration is great, but what’s really great are the events, contests, and community activities that they promote on their social profiles.

One of the most ingenious things we’ve seen in social media recruitment is the video message at the top of their Facebook profile. The message reads:

Home Depot careers fast facts: 400,000+ associates, 2,200+ stories, >$1 BILLION in bonuses in the past 5 years, One AMAZING Career Opportunity. Learn more at careers.homedepot.com

That’s a brilliant use of the header image and makes a big impact on job seekers.

What to Copy:
  • Posting fun contests, events, and community activities  is a great way to generate candidate interest and present your company in a fun, creative, and socially active light. Millennials really love to work for socially conscious companies.
  • Keep your branding consistent on all your social profiles, as well as your careers page.
What to do Better:
  • Nothing – Home Depot pretty much knocks it out of the park.


Although we’ve only highlighted 3 examples of companies who are doing a really great job with their social media recruitment, there are many others out there that you can learn from. Here are a few other career pages you can check out – simply follow their social media links to see how they do it:

Can you think of any great companies we missed? Post them in the comments below!


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