A Simple Policy That Increases Employee Retention


There are few things as frustrating as having your time wasted. From that driver in front of you that skids to a halt for a yellow light, to that client that you’ve wined and dined backing out of the deal at the last moment; sometimes it seems like there are nothing but inconvenient people in this world. This can go doubly so in hiring. You might spend months on sourcing and screening candidates for a position in order to find that one right fit hire, only to have them move on to another company within just a few months of arriving.

At this point, you can either: rinse, repeat and hope for the best or try to get to the bottom of what’s making people move on.

Whether you have a serious employee retention problem or would just like to search for candidates as infrequently as possible (wouldn’t we all?), there’s a simple way that you can make sure that your people stick around for the long haul.

One of the most common reasons that people quit their job is because of a conflict with a supervisor. This can be pretty easy to spot sometimes (shouting, getting red in the face, etc.) and may even reveal some ugly qualities in the employee that makes their departure a bit easier. Unfortunately, a lot of people keep what they think to themselves.

Often times, employees won’t even bring up a conflict that they have with their manager until they’re packing up their desk.

The best way to remedy these personality clashes is to make sure that you check in individually and informally with your staff in monthly or quarterly meetings. Not only will this reveal any problems brewing beneath the surface, but also shows that you care about the needs and concerns of your employees.

When you remove the barriers between your employees and a rewarding career at your company (like a personality clash with a manager), they will be much more likely to form a deep connection with the work that they do and the people that they do it for (you).


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