Accolo is Counterpoint to Bloomberg’s Criticism of Recruiters


There has been a lot of discussion recently in the HR and Recruiting industries concerning a lack of qualified candidates on the job market. Recruiting and hiring in general needs to be as adaptive and as today’s economy is volatile. For job seekers, the process of signing with many of these recruiters (generally the ones that see a problem with today’s candidate pool) is tedious and overly bureaucratic. Such recruiting practices as forcing candidates to fill out a dozen personality tests or failing to keep candidates in the loop about their prospects can sweep brilliant candidates under the rug and leave only the scratchy, barnacle-type people clinging on at the end.

Today’s source article is from Bloomberg Business Week and it criticizes those in recruiting that are not taking steps toward innovation in hiring. It’s not that the candidates aren’t qualified — it’s that recruiters aren’t finding them. At Accolo, our mission is to continue to innovate cutting edge Elevated RPO software and provide better candidates more quickly than ever before with our recruitment process outsourcing solutions. To read the full article on what’s changing in recruiting, click the link below or click here to learn “What is RPO“.

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