Administrative and Support Jobs Going Strong


One of the healthiest sectors of the economy in this recovery has been the professional and business services industry. Last month, there were 73,000 jobs added under this umbrella, especially jobs that classified as administrative or support positions. The rate at which positions like Customer Service Rep and Sales Agent are being filled has been one of the largest contributing factors to the drop in the national unemployment rate.

According to Wanted Analytics, there were 411,000 job ads posted in February in these industries, an 8% increase from 2012. The fact that these industries have a typically high turnover rate also bodes well, as stability in the Administrative Support industries continues.

Wanted Analytics also broke down the most popular job listings for the month of February. The top 3 most in-demand positions were security guards, sales representatives and registered nurses. There’s no such thing as a “security science” prerequisite to wear the vest, so these guard positions have been relatively easy to fill. To find out what kind of talent gave recruiters the most trouble, click the link below.

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