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Hiring Manager Survey Questions

Anonymous Hiring Manager Survey Questions Are A Great Way to Measure Hiring Manager Satisfaction As One Of Your Key Metrics

Here at Accolo, we begin every new engagement by distributing Hiring Manager Survey Questions in order to establish a baseline of Hiring Manager satisfaction. It’s a great way to set a benchmark for future recruitment performance and helps us define challenges in the hiring function. These Hiring Manager Surveys are a subjective measurement of your recruiting, but the Hiring Managers’ perceptions of the recruiting function are ultimately the most important metric.

We also use a variation of the Hiring Manager Survey Questions with candidates.

After each hire, we ask candidates for their feedback on the process too. Candidates can provide valuable feedback on how well your recruitment process is working from the candidate’s perspective. This not only helps you to measure performance of your hiring function, but can also help you to discover ways to improve your employer brand.

Why do we do so many surveys?

As an HR leader, Hiring Managers and candidates are both your customers. If you aren’t focusing on both Hiring Manager and candidate satisfaction, then you really aren’t managing your recruitment function with your real customers in mind.

If you aren't focusing on both Hiring Manager & candidate satisfaction, then you really aren't managing your recruitment function w/your REAL customers in mind. Click To Tweet


Download our Hiring Manager Survey Questions here.


How Can You Use the Hiring Manager Survey?

If you’re working to improve your current recruitment function on your own, you can distribute your Hiring Manager Surveys whenever you want. As previously discussed, the initial survey is a great way to benchmark current levels of satisfaction with your hiring. Any feedback that you get from your Hiring Managers will help you to define problems and develop a plan to make corrections to your process.

The most important thing is to get the feedback, so make sure your Hiring Managers understand how important their feedback really is and why you’re asking them to anonymously weigh in.

When we begin working with a new client, we generally prefer to hand these surveys out during implementation meetings, where we usually have the Hiring Manager’s full attention. It can be difficult to get a meaningful response rate from a longer recruiting survey without the full attention of your audience, but we have also used online survey tools such as SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo with success.

This pre-implementation data is invaluable for us. It allows us to compare initial recruitment performance at the beginning of an engagement against our continued performance with our clients. Although we sometimes use the data to compare your organization to other clients, that’s not nearly as valuable as benchmarking against the actual data from your organization at the beginning of an engagement.

For internal recruiting departments, we recommend setting benchmark data through these hiring manager surveys prior to undertaking any formal process improvement efforts. After all, it’s difficult to measure your improvement if you don’t know where you started.

Developing Your Own Hiring Manager Surveys

Hiring Manager satisfaction is really the bellwether that tells you how your overall recruitment is functioning.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction is really the bellwether that tells you how your overall recruitment is functioning. Click To Tweet

Hiring Manager satisfaction, when evaluated as a metric rather than a feeling, is an important measure that determines much more than how Hiring Managers feel about a particular recruiter. To get the most out of satisfaction surveys, they should encompass all the hiring elements that they experience. Survey metrics should include questions about:

  • Technology
  • Process
  • Candidate Quantity
  • Candidate Quality
  • Process Times.

When Hiring Managers are frustrated and unhappy with the hiring process, that’s usually the biggest sign that your recruiting team is struggling. If you’ve worded your questions correctly, and gotten adequate feedback from your Hiring Managers, you’ll be able to accurately see areas in your hiring function that need improvement. You’ll also be able to see the parts of your recruitment that are already working well.

These benchmark analytics will help you quantify improvements to your process.


Getting surveys into the hands of your hiring managers is really the easiest part of the process of improving your recruitment function. Once you get the results, that’s where the real work begins. If you find that making the improvements necessary is a bigger job than you can handle on your own, get in touch with us. We can help.


Download our Hiring Manager Survey Questions here.


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