Are You Getting Left Behind? Why Best-in-Class Companies are Using RPOs


Is your company using outdated recruiting practices? Find out why 80% of enterprise companies are outsourcing their recruiting, how to reduce your recruiting costs and how to increase your hiring managers’ satisfaction.

Don’t get left behind! Find out how to gain that competitive edge by outsourcing your recruiting!

Accolo, the leading on-demand Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, did a survey of approximately 2,000 professionals containing segments of 33% each of HR professionals, Hiring Executives and Candidates to measure the satisfaction of each in the recruit-to-hire process.

The results provide some great insight as to the tactical significance of using an RPO. Only 8% of the Hiring Managers at the SMB level were satisfied with their company’s recruit-to-hire process, and at the Enterprise level there was only 12%. What can you do to increase their satisfaction and recruit quality at the same time? Find out in the infographic below!

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