Bangalore to Atlanta: Outsourcing to the United States


With the world market in flux as it is, many companies are finally starting to see the United States for the talent pool that it is. This article from Bloomberg follows the story of a Company based in Bangalore, India that is outsourcing to the fair city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Cases like this as well as the continuing trend of Re-Shoring (or companies choosing to outsource domestically) are undoubtedly good signs of economic growth as well as the obviously good news of Americans finding ways to get back to work.

At Accolo, we think that the right talent for virtually any position is out there, right now, and the only reason you haven’t found them yet has to do with a communication problem. The world is rapidly becoming less about boarders and more about the connections and roots that companies put down at home and abroad.

Maybe I’m just an optimist, but when I see stories of companies taking an interest like this in the US job pool, it gives me hope for the future. To read the full Bloomberg article, click the link below.

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