Breaking the glass ceiling…and getting paid fairly for it


Equality is simple in math. It’s defined as two things that are an equal set in relation to one another, marked with one of these things: “=”. For example, on a web design project, 40 hours of work = 40 hours of work. Simple enough, right? The part that doesn’t make sense is when 40 hours of the exact same work = more pay for one person than another. I am speaking of course about the discrepancy in pay that still exists between men and women that hold the same or virtually the same positions.

Though many factors, such as seniority, can cause a discrepency in pay between two workers of the same job, the fact is that pay discrepancies based on gender is still alive to this day. According to a new government equal pay guide, women in the United States are payed 81 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts, even when controlling for factors such as experience, education and skill sets. This great, straightforward guide details the gender inequities that linger in 2013 as well as the appropriate ways in which to address this problem if you are a woman who believes herself to be being paid unfairly.

There is also a guide for employers so that they may be conscious of the issue and get updated on issues of legality and fairness. By this point in history, we all know equality between genders to be the truth. Let us all keep the pay gap in mind and work to make this truth reflected in the paychecks of the women of America.

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