Candidates are Customers too. Shouldn’t that be a No Brainer… ?

put on your corporate hat, folks

A very smart and thoughtful individual responded to the statement that we need to remember that candidates are not only applicants but customers (among other things). His position was that we shouldn’t set expectations so that applicants feel they should receive the red carpet – and instead the company is the customer and applicants need to compete for “your business” and start selling themselves.

Of course they need to put their best foot forward in selling themselves but that’s not the point here.

Beyond Recruit-to-Hire

We all have to think beyond the ‘recruit-to-hire’ experience – and put our corporate (VPM and CFO) hats on. The thousands of individuals that apply each year to your company (to our customers’ companies) will base their buying and communication decisions on their experience with you. Beyond just being applicants and “referral sources”, they are potential customers and share holders. They have an affinity with your firm – one that’s strong enough to want to continue their career with you. But if you provide a negative experience, they not only won’t purchase your products or shares, they’ll let everyone else know.

Hiring for Employer Branding

Multiply that negativity across all applicants, year over year, and that’s a hefty problem for your Marketing and Sales organizations to overcome. That in it’s essence is the issue around how HR/recruiting can (AND IS) negatively affecting corporate brand management and the bottom line.

Now let’s flip the scenario. (For those of you who are already Accolo customers, you know this is just one of the many benefits provided by the Accolo Elevated RPO Platform!) Imagine instead if you partnered with your Marketing team and simply automated sending each applicant a ‘thank you for applying’ email with a coupon/promotion for the next time they were in your store. Such a simple thing to help them feel appreciated and at the same time increase in your sales. Now who’s feeling warm and fuzzy? 😉

Recruiting is not just about filling an open req. Recruiting is Marketing – promoting your employer brand, bringing candidates into the hiring funnel, managing an ongoing relationship with the market – and those that “get it” are the ones making a bigger difference to their company.


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