Developing A Local Presence to Find Local Talent


Who do you compete with for talent? Are your best people frequently approached by local competitors or even national or global companies in your industry? If you were following this blog last week, when we were discussing “The State of Hiring,” then you’d know that many employers are opposed to hiring both recent graduates and the unemployed, people that are currently in abundant supply. Instead, businesses are holding out for “qualified” hires, those nearly-theoretical super employees who have the plethora of advanced skill sets and the years of experience to really fill that functional role. Unfortunately, most of these star employees are already employed.

So, not only are you competing for talent on a local or even national scale, but you’re also competing for control over the employees that you already have. The good news is that, because your company isn’t as bulky as your larger industry competitors, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to your recruiting strategy. By mixing up your job marketing strategy and appealing to talent within your company’s local community, you can appeal to community minded professionals in a way that these larger companies simply can’t.

Just take the example of Quixy, the Mountain View, California, based mobile app search engine start-up that has started to list their open jobs in their downtown store front. While I don’t recommend that you trade in your Monster subscription for a “HELP WANTED” sign, this sort of local visibility is just the sort of thing that can help get your name out in the community. Besides advertising to window shoppers, Quixy, “already hosts a monthly programming contest where engineers compete to solve three problems. Winners get $100 and Quixey builds a pipeline. Clever Quixey, even if no one walks in to apply, its quixotic pinups are getting the kind of attention that an IT recruiter has to love.” I mean, what better way to scout out local programming talent than to get people demonstrating that sort of talent to your company on a regular basis?

So, if you feel overwhelmed when your best people are stolen away, just remember, you’ve got just as much appeal to talent as a community integrated business as those industry giants do as, well… really big guys.


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