DICE Says Tech Hiring in 2014 Will Be Tougher Than Ever


For gifted professionals in the tech industry, 2014 will be another year in which you will probably receive a whole lot of recruiting offers in your inbox. If you’re on the recruiting side of things, prepare to have ever more of these propositions go unanswered.

However it’s going to affect your day to day, the truth is that the demand for tech talent is higher than ever and (until we figure out cloning) the talent pool just isn’t going to grow fast enough to keep up with this demand.

According to Dice’s Special Edition Hiring Survey, 73% of surveyed professionals are planning on hiring more techies. The kicker is that 24% of these people are planning on adding “substantially more” tech workers to their existing staff. On top of this increasing demand, 41 % of respondents reported seeing an increase in counter offers from employers and 31% of recruiters and hiring managers report their offers being rejected more frequently.

All signs point to techies seeking out the best arrangements for themselves that they can, so don’t be discouraged. Just be prepared to make some extra room in your budget for a sweet starting salary if you’re serious about attracting top tech talent.


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