Employment Trends and Statistics for January


With it being Valentines Day and all, I thought that today’s post could be on the sumptuous subject of January’s employment statistics. If employment stats are the fastest way to a woman’s heart, January’s job statistics would be like taking a blind date to Hansel and Grettle: Witch Hunters 3D. Unemployment rose to 12.3 million or 7.9 percent, with the largest losses taking place in Government and Transportation/Warehousing. 57,000 jobs were added in January, the majority of which were in Retail and Construction followed closely behind by educational, professional and medical services.

In Business services, the hottest hiring companies were in Computer System Design and Management/Technical Consulting. With the USPS in a weakened state, these statistics support the unfortunate downward slide of our post office. Some good news is that the number of discouraged workers, people who have given up hope and the search for employment, dropped by 225,000 to 804,000. To read the official Bureau of Labor Statistics report, click the link below. Read the Full Article


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