Engagement in Generation Y Employees


Dealing with low employee engagement can be tricky. Fostering motivation is even trickier. How do you know whether an employee is coasting because they feel discouraged by a lack of clear-set goals (something you can fix), or because they are just comfortable with getting by with the minimum?

Understanding common causes of disengagement in the workforce is an invaluable asset when getting unengaged workers to shape up. This Infographic from When I Work outlines the work preferences of the soon-to-be-largest employee age demographic: Generation Y.

It’s the boss’s job to cultivate the most productive and pleasant working environment possible, but this responsibility only goes so far. At a certain point, no amount of coaching will reach someone who is fundamentally at odds with the structure or the culture of your company. Generation Y is different from others in the past, mainly because they view most jobs as transitory, 91% saying they expected to keep a job for less than 3 years.

I could list off more statistics, but you should just check out the infographic linked above instead!


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