Enriching Your Career As Enriching Your Life


People want it all. The house with a spiral staircase, the blacker-than-black flat screen on the mantle, biannual trips to the Costa Rican Sea Turtle Preserve and (of course) a job that both pays handsomely and gives you plenty of time for re-runs and mojitos. (And, you know, friends and family and all that.)

Unfortunately, nice things cost nice amounts of cash and the more cash your job pays, the more you’ll likely be expected to do at said job. This is where the classic dilemma of “work vs. life” balance stems from. By working a job that feels like pointless drudgery just to get the things that you want, you’re essentially removing “work” from the equation entirely, giving over most of your time so you can ostensibly be at bliss once off the clock.

Today’s source article from The Harvard Business Review Blog Network says that the question of “life vs. work” balance only exists because of a phenomenon of valuing leisure and pleasure over the satisfaction attained through hard work. Much like many of the opinion pieces on this subject, the author suggests that the “right” job is the right answer, or a job in which the work doesn’t feel like work. Rather than attempting to balance our personal and professional lives, the article suggests that through hard work to enrich our working lives, personal happiness will follow. To read the full article, click the link below.

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