Evaluating Hiring Managers


Evaluating a hiring manager must be based on more than just their claims of getting a “special feeling” from promising candidates. Sure, they can be personable, professional and even savvy enough to bring some nice talent to the table; but what are the concrete qualities that make an excellent hiring manager? For the answer to this question, here’s an article on how to “Develop a Hiring Manager Scorecard to Make them More Accountable”.

This article goes into depth about the key metrics that you should use in evaluating the success of a particular manager. Unsurprisingly, the first metric that you should always look for in hiring managers is the one that effects your business the most: quality of hire and retention rate. Quality of hire can be evaluated in several ways. If you want evaluations by the numbers, simply compare the output of new hires onboarded by the manager in question and measure it against the output of other recent additions to your company. Other methods of evaluating the quality of new hires involve surveying the manager’s superior or the head of the department where these new hires are going.

Though this method isn’t as exact as the previous one, it will still give you a good idea about how good the manager is at picking quality talent. Retention rate is the second most important metric, because high turnover is a costly phenomenon. Make sure that your managers are picking talent that’s committed to more than just 6 months on the job.


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