Excessive Interviews Kill Candidate Spirit


Whoever said you can’t have too much of a good thing never had to go to 17 interviews for a single position. That may sound excessive (and you’d be right to think so,) but it is common practice in certain companies to subject candidates to multiple rounds of interviews, even into the double digits. Dr. John Sullivan refers to this phenomenon as “Death by Interview”.

No, nobody has died yet from being asked too many questions, but the pain is real.

Forcing a candidate to come back over and over again to answer the same questions as they did in the previous round turns even the most cool-headed people on their ear. Dr. Sullivan says that excessive interviewing puts an unfair amount of stress on the candidate, especially those candidates who are already employed elsewhere. Though interviews are always going to be a bit nerve-racking to candidates, they should still be a somewhat pleasant experience. If your company requires the new blood to come in for 5 or more interviews, you should put on the brakes and try to empathize with your prospective employees. To read Dr. Sullivan’s report on Death By Interview, click the link below.

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